Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 4th- U.S Embassy and stuff

Well, we went to the U.S. Embassy on our fourth day in Beijing to get my Marriageability Certificate. Security was tight (as expected). I couldn't even take my phone or camera into the compound. After that we walked around the East part of Beijing quite a bit. We found a Texas barbecue place where Igot some tasty beef brisket! In the evening we went out with Cheer's friend to a "snack street" so they could eat all the parts of the animals that I won't touch.我们去了美国大使馆,领到了我们结婚需要的证明。我甚至不能带手机和相机进去。后来我们在北京的东部到处走了走。我们找到了一家德州的餐馆, 吃了浇着barbecue的烹饪了6个多小时的小牛肉。晚上,我们和Cheer的朋友一起去逛了小吃街,她们吃了我从不碰的动物的脖子肚子等。
见到熊熊的时候,是在王府井,如我所料,她穿着黑色的一身。她还像大学里一样,带着我们去吃他们公司的茶冰淇淋,去东来顺吃铜锅涮羊肉,胡乱逛,在小吃一条街上吃爆肚…… 我听着她的生活,觉得她孤独…… 后来她要坐地铁回家了,她一转身,我就止不住眼泪……我怎么脑子里一副,她坐着地铁流眼泪的画面……我知道,她和我一样,有朋友在身边,笑起来会很明媚,一大堆事情弄得自己很忙,但藏在心中的孤独感却挥之不去……我们,是散落在人间的孤单种子……When I met my friend Xiong Xiong, it was at Wang Fu Jing Street. She still wears black like she did in college. She took us to try her company's tea ice cream, and she took us to try a traditional Beijing hot pot (lamb) We walked around and ate stomach on snack street. I listened to her talk about her life. I feel she's very lonely....Then as she went to the subway station to return home, she turned around to look at me and I couldn't control my tears. There is a picture in my mind of her sitting in the subway wiping the tears from her eyes.

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