Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 3rd,颐和园的夏天

右边的这只动物是龙的其中一子,叫做饕餮,食量惊人,古代的容器上总雕着它,意思是祈求五谷丰登,年年丰收。 这里放着这个,大概也是希望百姓生活兴旺,衣食不愁吧。
The Summer Palace is where the emperors would spend their summers. There are hills and lakes, so it has very good feng shui. The garden in the Forbidden is very small. It cannot compare with the summer palace. As soon as we went in, some young girls asked Rob to have their picture taken with him.
The animal here is a son of a dragon named Taotie. He can eat a lot, but he will never get full. Containers in old times always had him carved on them, which meant that they would always have a large harvest and have enough to eat.
This is a picture of me and Hexiangu (a very famous fairy in old China). We are standing in a place where the Empress Ci Xi used to watch operas. She was very self-absorbed. There were a lot of pictures of her in one room. In every picture she was sitting in the same position. I wondered why there would be so many pictures of her like this, but then I realized that in each picture she was wearing different clothes. Everything was the same from one picture to the next except for her outfit. I can imagine what it would have been like with her changing clothes for each picture all day and ordering people around. The picture below is a three storey stage for Ci Xi to watch her operas.
逛了几个庭院,我们就来到了昆明湖边,和世界上最长的长廊。长廊上有14800幅画作,分为春,夏,秋,冬四个主题。After walking through a few courtyards, we arrived at Kunming Lake and we saw the longest corridor in the world. This beautiful corridor is covered in 14,800 paintings. With Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter as the theme.

Rob and I are sitting by Kunming Lake with Wanshou Hill in the background. There are 100 steps to the temple atop Wanshou Hill, which symbolizes a long life. We climbed up the 100 steps and saw some beautiful scenery at the top. We could also see a neat temple with large turning towers which functioned as giant prayer wheels. When we went down the back of Wanshou Hill we saw Suzhou Street.
The giant prayer wheels of Wanshou temple with dieties on top.
The palace of Ci Xi. She lived in style and had very modern stuff (notice the electric lamp!) She had a large table piled high with fruits (which she didn't eat) just to make her room smell good.
The picture below is Suzhou Street (called that because it resembles the architecture in the famous Chinese city of Suzhou)
Here are pictures of Cheer and I with this little dragon dude. He is the 9th son of the dragon king and has no butthole. His name is 貔貅(Pixiu). He supposedly eats jewelry, gold and other treasure. One day, the king of heaven had a meeting in Heaven. Little Pixiu was there too. He wanted to take a dump because he had eaten so much treasure that day, but was trying hard to hold it during the meeting. Finally, he couldn't hold it any longer and he let loose all over the meeting hall. The king was so angry that he spanked Pixiu and permanently plugged his butt! Now he has become a lucky symbol for businesspeople who wish to gain wealth.

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