Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 3rd- 798 Art District ,邱志杰的艺术展在798

喜欢798,相信喜欢的人很多,我不想矫情说自己是喜欢那些艺术,说实话,有些所谓的艺术,我是看不懂的,有些店挤满了各名家的画,像嘈杂的集市,各个画作争鲜斗妍,我都听得到它们叽喳的争吵和互相的贬低。我喜欢的,这里的街道,安静得;这里的餐厅,可以在太阳落山时看着夕阳,一边在露天咖啡喝到正宗的韩国海鲜汤和加着真正柠檬的科罗娜;还有,那些摆着小书摊的游击队,我们在这里买到了心爱的Vitamin D和Vitamin PH,只花了380元,在王府井外文书店,一本都卖到了710。还有什么呢,恩,看到了邱志杰的艺术展,关于长江大桥的,像一场洗涤心灵的雨。I didn't know what was happening when Rob took this picture. I sat down and felt as if we were having another earthquake because the bricks were wobbly. I liked 798 art district even though I didn't understand some of the art. Some places had many paintings hanging like a market. Each painting was clamoring for my attention. What I liked best were the quiet tree-lined streets and the nice outdoor cafes. We sat at one cafe and had good food. I had Korean fried rice and a Corona with fresh lemon. Rob had a bagel with cream cheese and was very excited about it. We found a man selling art books out of a bicycle-cart and got some great buys. We bought two art books called Vitamin D and Vitamin PH for only 380元. Later, we found the same books at a book store for 710元 each. We saw an incredible art installation by a well-known Chinese artist. It was so big and was incredibly complex/ well thought out!

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