Friday, July 31, 2009

执子之手 与子偕老2


执子之手 与子偕老

zhi zi zhi shou ,yu zi xie lao ! That's an old chinese idiom, means "hloding your hands,shows that I want to grow old with you !" Rob and I both like this sentence a are some pictures taken by Joe.we are very happy about them!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

so busy!

I'm sorry we have been out of touch recently.  It has been crazy.  For example, yesterday we posed for wedding pictures for 5 hours, shopped for lighting, purchased a new bed, and a new sofa.  We also took some friends out to lunch, went to the new place to take some measurements, and met with a wedding planner that we will probably hire. And that was my only day off from work this week!  I want to thank my friend Joe for taking our pre-wedding photos.  He has spent hours taking photos of us and will, no doubt, spend many more editing photos and photographing our wedding.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

marriage certificate

here's what a Chinese marriage certificate looks like.  It looks sort of like a passport..  This picture shows the outside of Cheer's and the inside of mine.


demo class

Today I taught a promotional class at the school.  It was open to the public and was supposed to be for students age 12-18.  Cheer took some pictures and made some video clips.  I'll keep the video to myself since I act like a real dork when I teach.

the new apartment

The new apartment is really coming along!  They've got the tile done in the bathrooms, kitchen, and balcony.  The ceiling details have been built.  The bookshelves in the office are done, and the master bedroom closet has been built.  Here are some pics that my friend Joe took.  There is a fish eye photo of our book shelves in the office, one of the checkerboard wall/  door to our bathroom (our designer is standing in the doorway).  There is also a pic of me holding one of the tiles we chose for our floors, and one of the view from our living room (until they build a 9 floor building in front of us).