Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 5th- last day in Beijing

We didn't feel like doing much on our last day in Beijing. We had planned to go to the Great Wall, but decided to take it easy instead. We walked around some more interesting alleys and got more tasty tea ice cream. I think I ate three ice cream cones! We had dinner at an amazing Chinese restaurant featuring food from Yunnan.
在北京的最后的一天,我们本来打算去长城和十三陵,但这天,我们实在懒得不想动。我们步行过一些胡同,到了王府井,吃了更多的茶味冰淇淋。我想我吃了3个!我们在一家叫做茶马古道的云南餐厅用了晚餐。在琉璃厂的胡同里,我看到了玩沙子的孩子们,立刻想起了自己的小时候。 在这个现代的都市里,找到这些残留的80年代气息,让我觉得惬意。 多想再次拥有那些缓慢的时光。In the alley, we saw some children playing with sand. It reminded me of my childhood. In such a modern city, I still found something that reminded me of the 80's. It made me happy. I wish I could go back to those slow times again.北京的旅行在我们踏上火车的一刻宣告了结束。从王府井回火车站的出租车上,正好太阳落山,我们幸运的看到了降旗, 弥补了那天的遗憾。国旗缓缓降落,伴着夕阳,像是北京在对我们说再见。
我们坐的是火车的“头等舱”,非常舒服的软卧,有独立广播,早上醒来有咖啡。Stepping on the train, for us, signaled the end of our trip to Beijing. In the taxi from the shopping street to the train station, we saw the lowering of the Chinese flag in Tiananmen Square. It's just as if Beijing was saying goodbye to us.
We had first-class beds on the train and were able to get on the train early. We had a very comfortable journey and were served coffee in the morning.

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