Monday, May 11, 2009

May 2nd-Tiananmen square and the Forbidden City

On our second day in Beijing we went to Tiananmen square in the morning. It was really crowded and security was tight. They x-ray everyone's bags before you approach the square and there are soldiers and police everywhere!
We walked around a bit and then headed for the Forbidden City (or Palace Museum as the call it in China). It was so crowded and hot that it wasn't very pleasant trying to buy tickets and get in. Once we got in, we were overwhelmed by the size of the palace complex. It was the end all of the buildings looked the same. After a few hours we were hot, hungry, and tired of walking around, so we headed north to get a meal and take a Hutong tour. 国旗在太阳升起时升起,在太阳落下时下降。我们去的时候是8点,已经是我旅行中史无前例的早了,但还是一个看不到升旗也看不到降旗的尴尬时段,

Above were some of the nice pics of Tiananmen square. Below are pics of the Forbidden City.

click on pictures to enlarge

The "double happiness" character is used for weddings
This is a detail of a roof beamHere is us totally worn out after walking around.

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