Sunday, July 26, 2009

so busy!

I'm sorry we have been out of touch recently.  It has been crazy.  For example, yesterday we posed for wedding pictures for 5 hours, shopped for lighting, purchased a new bed, and a new sofa.  We also took some friends out to lunch, went to the new place to take some measurements, and met with a wedding planner that we will probably hire. And that was my only day off from work this week!  I want to thank my friend Joe for taking our pre-wedding photos.  He has spent hours taking photos of us and will, no doubt, spend many more editing photos and photographing our wedding.

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  1. Hey Rob! Someone finally gave me the link to your blog! Its good to hear you are doing well. And your wife is very beautiful bro! Good work! Congradulations on everthing and im excited when fate will bring us back together!